Living Room: Nearly Black, always bold

This is our everyday go to space for entertaining, a drink from the bar, or hangover trash TV and takeaway. It has evolved over the last year or so as we used items we already had but have saved to add and change elements. I can’t say it won’t evolve more, but at the moment I am very happy. 

Anyway, let’s get on with the task at hand! The details I get asked the most about this room and what my favourite parts are – plus the all important Dave’s Ditty (basically his synopsis of the room haha, but I like alliteration).

What colour is it?

So three of the walls, built-in cabinets, shelves, and fireplace are in Farrow and Ball ‘Railings’. Railings are more grey/blue than true black. This means it is a perfect alternative to black as it gives a softer look. However, that doesn’t mean it is any less dramatic than a stark black as it creates the perfect backdrop for interior accessories to really pop against (as you can see in the images).

Originally, only the fireplace wall, surround, and cabinets were painted in railings—along with the bar. The rest of the walls were in Farrow & Ball ‘Strong White’, but the only wall which has escaped the slow move to all railings is the sofa wall. This is because of the black and white photo gallery wall.

Where is the flooring from?

It’s from 1880, unfortunately! Well, fortunately for me, as we love the old and original floors, we are super lucky that they are in great condition. We did give them a good feed and a new lease of life using Briwax and a good buffing.

Where did you get you…

I have done a ‘Shop the Style’ at the end of this blog, but here are the frequently enquired about interiors.

Curtains & Blinds:

The curtains, along with the blinds, cushions, and window seat, were made to measure for me by the talented Lou of Lous Threads (Click Here). They were made using Linwood fabrics as part of a collaboration with Linwood. They have an amazing choice.

The curtains, window seat pads, and larger cushions are all made using the Linwood Omega II velvet in the colour ‘Baize’ (Click Here). Not only is this one of my favourite shades of green, which instantly pops against the railings walls, but it’s also clever velvet, which means it’s stain resistant. The blinds and rest of the cushions are also a Linwood fabric from the ‘Tango Weaves’ collection called ‘Polka’ in the colour Grasshopper (Click Here). I fell in love with this fabric when I visited Lou’s studio to collect the other lounge curtains. It lived rent-free in my mind until the opportunity arose.


The rug is from my go to supplier for rugs – La Redoute! I like many others, am a bigger lover of their rugs as they wear extremely well and have a great choice of designs. This Berber design is named the “Afaw” and comes in a choice of 5 sizes. I opted for the largest at 200cm by 290cm—it is currently on sale! (Click Here)


That little blue chair was an amazing lockdown find on Dunelm. It was a bargain that they no longer sell, but it was called the Natalia if you want to check eBay! Alternatively, I have seen a very similar style available in a couple of different colours on the Aldi special buys which gets good reviews and is perfect for a bargain occasional chair.

The sofa was our first purchase together as joint homeowners and let me tell you it took us FOREVER to find and agree on a sofa. We eventually found mutual ground in the Joules Patterdale design sofa, exclusive to DFS (Click Here). I would say be super careful here though, as although we love the sofa and it is super comfy, the charcoal in the shop was very different from the charcoal in our house. That said, it matches our walls a lot better, but I guess that was more luck than choice.


My ladies get a lot of attention – the one over the mantle piece!! In fact, I often switch them around, alternating between the masked Marie Antoinette and the blue butterfly lady. Both of these framed canvases are from a company called Mineheart. 

The wall opposite is the photo gallery wall mentioned above. I love having photographs around the house as not many of us actually print our photos anymore. I chose to have all of ours printed in black and white, this was to create a uniform look and something that tied all the individual images into one collection.

Coffee Table:

I could sell this coffee table over and over again! We bought this reduced in Homesense 3 years ago for Dave’s old living room. We had ordered one online but it sold out and they canceled our order, so this was a second choice. Dave was never a fan of it, but I could see its long-term potential, which I feel vindicated about since it is great for this space.

Your Questions…

Does it feel gloomy sitting in there? Looks fab just wondering with all the black walls etc.

We are lucky to have big bay windows and tall ceilings which helps to create a sense of space. However come autumn and winter you can make the room feel really cosy and warm by lamp light and let the dark envelope you.

What made you go with black?

Firstly its a great way to hide the television in the alcove as it disappears into the the colour. Also the colour of the walls helps to make everything pop bringing colour in to the room.

How is the velvet with dog hair?

We opted for smart velvet both with DFS and Linwood meaning we can hoover and damp clothe wipe them.

Daves Ditty: Basically his room round-up thoughts

Shop the Style:

Everything you need to create your own dark and dramatic space.

From left to right:

  1. Linwood Omega II velvet in Baize green (Click Here)
  2. Linwood Tango Weave Polka in Grasshopper (Click Here)
  3. Habitat Monochrome striped vase – £18.00 (Click Here)
  4. H&M Soft Wool Blanket in cerise – £24.99 (Click Here)
  5. Diptyque Candle in scent Feu De Bois – £54.00 (Click Here)
  6. La Redoute Afaw rug – numerous sizes available from £99.00 (Click Here)
  7. Aldi Special buy Armchair – other colors available £169.99 (Click Here)
  8. Mineheart frames canvas in Blindfold no.2 from £194.00 (Click Here)
  9. Dunelm Claudia gold metal and glass coffee table – £239.00 (Click Here)
  10. DFS x Joules Patterdale sofa in Charcoal – £1599.00 (Click Here)
  11. Farrow & Ball Strong White (Click Here)
  12. Ikea VÄSTANHED frames (Click Here)

The background colour is Railings by Farrow and Ball (Click Here), and that more or less concludes the cosy dark living room at ours with my most asked questions. Next week I will be talking about all things….. well you will have to wait and see!

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