365 day since the plunge!

I couldn’t quite believe it when my phone pinged up a throwback that this week was 2 years since we were running around styling houses and chasing estate agents as we put an offer in for our first home together.

Luckily, Dave’s sold within hours, and it secured us in competition with another buyer to have our offer accepted over there. I mean, it did take 6 months to go through and complete, which was very stressful, to say the least.

We are 18 months into living there and are nearly finished with the renovations. Well, as finished as a serial decorator and DIY enthusiast ever is. So I thought it was about time I shared the room makeovers in depth; what we did, what we used, how we did it, and why! I mean, you don’t get all that on a quick transformation Instagram reel, do you?

So I thought where best to start with this blog series than with pictures we took on our second visit to the house. The second visits are the sobering and realisation visits about how much work is involved, as well as where you will place your Christmas tree – priorities. 

Now you have seen the before it’s only fair I show a couple of the afters as it occurred to me that there are in fact no pictures of our new home on the blog at all. Consider that rectified.

Next week I will be back with the first room blog with all the frequently asked questions answered and a little about how to shop/ find the style on the high street.

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