End of an Era! Bye Bye ‘The Pineapple’

Hey EVERYONE! Sorry for the radio silence on here for the last few months, 2020 has been a bit of a crazy one for us all hasn’t it? No holidays to report on and no rooms left to renovate/decorate/rework (however you want to word it haha). But I do have news, and its news that I couldn’t let slip by without a mention on here.  

*insert dramatic pause* 

It’s time for a change and the end of an era… I am selling my beloved flat. For those of you have been around a while you will know that I bought the flat in 2015 as a 24 year old with a mission to eradicate the magnolia! I did budget makeovers on the bathroom (twice ‘first time – ‘second time’), DIY hacks (here) and scrimped and saved for major work in the kitchen and hall (here) – Well, when I say major, as major as it gets in a flat! And throughout all of this one thing has remained a constant – every project involved a LOT of tea drinking.  

The Flat has seen a lot of changes

‘The Pineapple’, as it’s fondly dubbed by friends, is the place I have grown up and learnt to live on my own two feet, mortgages, bills, leaks and cooking all part and parcel. I am so proud of this little flat and what its achieved – it’s featured on the BBC, been published in the 25 Beautiful Homes & The Yorkshire Post and had a LOT of colour samples.  

I am not ashamed to say I filled up when the estate agent sent me the photos for approval. The home has been my baby and my haven. Its so bittersweet is selling a house and this was the point it hit me. But as one chapter ends another one starts as they say! Cheesy I know! But I guess it’s the next chapter for me and for Dave as in the words of Monica from Friends ‘I have to live with a boy!’. Are you all ready for some more room revamps and overhauls? I certainly hope Dave is! So fasten your seat belts and get set to join me on the journey haha! 

Oh before I go – here is the rightmove link! Because if you’re anything like me you will be googling right now to find it haha!

Rightmove (Click Here)

Estate Agents (Click Here)

See You Soon!

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