So as with many social media platforms there is often a pressure to create fresh and new content daily to interact with like minded people especially visual content for instagram (@jackdmarch). However we also know how hard and at something exhausting the pressure for new content can be, so this month I took some of the pressure off.

I decided to take part in the insta play along a house in days (@ahouseindays), where they give you a prompt for the day to base you home/ interiors post around. Now the post can be as literal or as tenuous as you like, the whole point is to bring like minded people together and create a network. Well I think that is what is all about, it is for me at least as I have met some great people and accounts this month.

I Think the fact that this is something you can play along with and dip in and out of means there is no pressure or competition. I am just impressed I have managed to complete the whole month.

#Ahouseindays is run by the dedicated @alfredandtheboy and @hardcastletowers (her blog is here) with the help of their monthly co hosts @Mel_1010 , @offbeat_vintage_girl , @Lovefrenchvintage.

Check out my interpretations of the prompts below:

I can’t wait too see what next months prompts are and meet some more fabulous people who are playing along.



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