Lamp up your life!

HI! I AM JACK… and… I am addicted to LAMPS!

A lamp addiction is a real thing right?? If it isn’t then I can’t be alone in my love of them! There is just something about lamps and the cosy light they create in a room that is so much better than dealing with harsh over head lighting. I mean if overhead lighting isn’t for Mariah Carey, then it definitely is not for me either!

Who doesn’t love a lamp?

So I have had a little tot up and it would seem that over 4 rooms I have 10 lamps over – 3 in each bedroom, 3 in the lounge and 1 in the hall (plus a few more in storage), which, for the record, I don’t think is too many! Despite this, I seem to have been dubbed the ‘Lamp Addict’ by my friends. Read on to find a run down of my favourite lamps at home together with some info on where you can find a couple of them.

George & Georgina the Monkeys

My latest lamp editions are the gorgeous George the monkey lamps from iconic lights! I fell in love with them when I saw them, they also come in black and gold. These are a total bargain at £40 compare with triple that for other similar monkey lamps! They have them in stock so head to their site now! You know me I am a big fan of a animal lamp, however these are the sort of style that fit in a modern home as well as a quirky decor (like mine haha). Click here to find you George!


Pineapple Lamp

Now as you may know, my friends and I refer to my apartment as ‘The Pineapple’ (long story) but this means I have acquired quite a few pineapple items including 3 pineapple lamps haha (I did say I was addicted!). This one came from Marks & Spencer a couple of years ago but they still have them in stock (Click Here). It comes with a black and gold shade and i think it even came with the bulb! (I might be wrong on the bulb but looking at it it has a bulb I wouldn’t normally buy which makes me think it did!!).

Fluffy Flamingo’s

I have two of these gold legged flamingo lamps by McGowan & Rutherford that I picked up for a bargain £29.99 each from Homesense in March. These two have been moved around my apartment and sat in storage just waiting for their perfect setting – the spare room. They have received so much love on insta and facebook from featuring in my new spare room renovation blog and lots of people have asked where I for them. These lamps can be bought from numerous places including Graham & Green, but I haven’t seen them with the feather shades anywhere else.

Rams Head

I love this flocked burgandy rams head lamp that Dave bought me a couple of years ago for Christmas. This is one of the many amazing lamps in Abigail Ahern’s collection for Debenhams but unfortunately they don’t do the Ram anymore. However they do have numerous other animals available. Click Here To Check Them OutClick Here To Check Them Out.

Pretty Penguin

I have had my Penguin lamp for years and it is also a past lamp from Abigail Ahern’s Debenhams collection. My friend bought me this lamp when I still lived at home a few years ago now and it has now had three different homes but still gets so many compliments. He sits beautifully on my antique bureau in the corner of the lounge observing the daily comings and goings.

Full On Flamingo

My full flamingo lamp (also by McGowan & Rutherford) was picked up in Homesense last summer for £29.99 (you can get him at here at Graham & Green). He sits next to my sofa looking out onto both to the street below and onto his feathered friend (the penguin) who compliment each others silver and black tones.

Laura Pine-Ashley

A home wouldn’t be a home with just one pineapple lamp right? So that is why I have THREE haha. These classic lamps have being a staple in Laura Ashley for a good few years now and I still love them as much as the day I bought them. They are just the right proportion and have a nice quality weight to them. What’s even better is that they are currently on sale so Click Here To Check them out!

Golden Giraffe

It’s gold AND it’s a Giraffe – what is not to love!!! This lamp was a Christmas present (people must know I love a lamp) from the same friend who gave me my penguin lamp years ago. There is just something so elegant about a giraffe that it captured in this lamp as he sits majestically on my bedroom chest of drawers. I am not sure where she found this one, but having had a quick Google, I can only find one on Amazon for £352 (I mean she is a good friend but she doesn’t love me that much haha)

Tall Stork

This tall stork/ heron lamp towers beautifully either on a side table or a windowsill. (They used to sit on my bedroom dresser until the giraffe arrived). I picked this one up like most in Homesense, and the shade was from T K Maxx.

So that is my lamp run down and, as they say, admitting you have an addiction is the first sign of fighting the addiction. However, this is just the surface as I have managed to fill Daves house with light too although I am starting to wonder whether it is really lamps that I am addicted to or just animal lamps? As I look around my home I realise its becoming more like a Zoo!



My George the Monkey lamps were a gifts from the wonderful people at Iconic Lights in return for coverage on my social media. I again thank them this great gift and it goes without saying that opinions in this review are 100% my own. When you have chance you MUST check it out for yourself!

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