Emma Bridgewater Haul Jan 2022

Hey I am back back back again! 2022 is the year I wind down from renovations in the house and refocus on the blog. I have always loved popping my house, travel and updates here so I am making the time to make it happen! (Famous last words)

I recently shared on my Instagram (@jackdmarch) stories about my trip to the Emma Bridgewater factory store. Showing my purchases a lot of people wanted the links and the pattern names of both my seconds/ sales bargains and my new collection buys. So here goes!

JUST A REMINDER BEFORE I GET STARTED! If you make a order of £40 or over and use this referral you get a FREE MUG! (Click here for the code)

New Collection Buys:

First up is the cute little side plate (Pattern name Little Daffodils) – I bought it for my plate wall. I love a grape hyacinth as I used to be allowed to pick as many as I wanted from grandmas garden for my playhouse. – (click here to view)

I also picked up this matching “Little Daffodils – Tall jug”! I thought this would be perfect for water on the summer or gravy at a Sunday roast. (Click here to view)

My mum is a LONG time collector (talking like 18 years) and a massive bee fan 🐝! So I picked up “Bumblebee Large Milk Bottle” for her. (click here to view)

I also pick her up a couple of the “Little Daffodil bowls” (click here to bowls), the “Little Daffodil plates” (click here to plates) and 2 of the “Little Daffodil mugs” (click here for mugs)!

When I got home a little parcel was waiting for me! Emma Bridgewater had kindly sent me the small love is love mug, which is new out! The Half Pint can often be seen in my hand as you know. (click here to view)

I also manage to pick up some of the lovebirds collection from the firsts store. Unfortunately they are sold out online and I believe it’s just for Valentine day! 😔

Seconds & Sale Haul:

My first seconds purchase was this really cute “ vegetable garden, watercress tall jug”! It is a smaller version of the little daffodils tall jug, however the green matches the table in my kitchen perfectly! £29.95 down to £14.95! (Click here to view)

No I didn’t buy this, because I already own it! If you followed me on social media for awhile you’ll know that “bright poppies” is one of my favourite patterns! The gallon teapots are a real collector‘s item and this is such a bargain (in relation to the original price) £250 down to £124.50!!! (Click here to view)

I didn’t get the damson, but I did manage to pick up the strawberries medium jamjar with lid. they didn’t have the damsons in the store, I have subsequently bought online ha ha! (Click here to view)

Again for my plate wall I pick up this 6 1/2 inch oak plate! £9.95 to a bargain £4.95 – you can’t even get a Friday for that these days haha! (Click here to view)

And that concludes my little round up! Thank you for bearing with me in my very sparse blog post of 2021.

Jack x

* please note this blog post was not an advert for Emma Bridgewater, these are all things that I have purchased and love (bar the small love is love mug)! However the links are affiliated with emma Bridgewater

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