Firstly I hope you all get the pun JYSK Jack – ‘ Just Jack’…

I know I know – I am just THAT witty haha!

just jack
JUST JACK – Will & Grace Classic

Anyway, enough of my sparkling wit and humour, more about JYSK! If you haven’t heard of JYSK they are a Danish company specialising in selling household items and home furnishings from decorative touches to furniture and mattresses. We have thankfully had a store in York for a few years and I have discovered quite a few bits from them in the past, all of which have been very reasonably priced. But, and the big but, because as I say, there is a difference between buying cheap and buying well when it comes to interiors, Jysk is not only affordable, but the quality is very good.

As is the case with many flat-pack furniture items, you often get the dread that after navigating your way through the assembly instructions and finally finish (often with a rogue piece left over!) you discover that its flimsy and looks like it could fall apart at any moment – especially if its a good (or should i say cheap) price. However I can honestly say (even before working with them) that I have found the quality of the JYSK furniture to be great.

I bought Dave this desk and matching shelving unit two years ago (they still stock it don’t worry). It was on an introductory offer at the time so I shopped it for £45.00 (yes that right – £45.00) and I will admit at the time I was thinking it might be a bit flimsy or will just give me “the look” for a while. However when it arrived assembly was a doddle as the main desk came ready made but just required me to put the legs on! It was so sturdy and two years and two room moves later it still stands strong. In fact, I was so impressed with my find that two of my friends went out and bought them for their children –  and we know that the teenager desk is the real test right!

Shortly after the office refurb, and a JYSK convert, we popped into the store while passing (not needing anything but just browsing for future inspiration) and this table and chairs caught Dave’s attention. Obviously I didn’t need any persuading for a project and so a table and 4 chairs later we were loading up the car there and then ready to start the next project! Like many of my projects this was a Saturday afternoon flat-pack project – but a cup of tea and a cookie later they were assembed and, the real endorsement for these is that even Dave, renowned for his lack of practical skills, managed to assemble the chairs whilst I tackled the console table. The chairs are currently on offer for £20.00 each, or a set of 4 chairs and table for £199.00. It’s also worth noting that JYSK have since recreated the JONSTRUP chair in a faux tan leather.

With the new table in place it meant the existing table moved to the lounge along with the original chairs (which I was never a fan of). So, when I spotted the KOKKEDAL chair, that JYSK kindly offered to gift me, I knew that they would sit beautifully in the lounge! The grey velvet with quilted backs matches the grey of the sofa perfectly and the height of these chairs means it creates a sleeker finish to the dining area. I hated the previously towering chairs due to the fact they made the room look cluttered and obstructed the view of the table setting – and let face it we all want to see our table setting complete with crocodile, candles and gold cutlery no?!

As I have previously mentioned (somewhere in the second paragraph before I rambled about furniture) JYSK also do a lot of decorative items and soft furnishings, so I have put together some of my favourite looks using a range of JYSK products.



I love all the wicker furniture and earthy tones that are around as the moment – they remind me of our stay at CASA COOK resort in Greece. This collection of items from JYSK sit really well against the earthy Bancha by Farrow & Ball.

1. BELLELUND armchair natural – £125.00 2. 3. AARUP TV Bench white / oak – £100.00 4. TOM artificial plant – £8.50 5. VANDSTED console table – £59.99 6. STRANDBEDE throw in grey – £10.00 7. RINGBLOMMA cushion – £8.50 8. PIL cushion – £11.50 9. SKOGSIV black/ white cushion – £10.00 10. VALTER frame 50x70cm – £6.00 11. FORSYTIA rug – £12.50 12. HJALTE basket – £13.50 13. LISELEJE dining chair – £40.00 each 14. SANDER artificial plant – £24.99


We all know that PINK is the colour of the decade, especially Sulking Room Pink, which the JYSK rose coloured products try in with so well. I love the Rose/ Gold version of our Jonstrup kitchen chairs, I am trying to convince Dave to swap them out for the grey ones in the kitchen. The Gadevang coffee table is also one of my ABSOLUTE favourite products from the JYSK range, I just wish I had room for, or could find room for it.

1. OMME high gloss sideboard – £229.99 2. FRITS gold tray – £4.00 3. JONSTRUP dining chair in Rose/ Gold – £20.00 each (on promo) 4.) TORGEIR artificial plant – £4.00 each 5.) GADEVANG gold & white coffee table – £50.00 6.) MARSTAL mirror  in gold – £59.99 7.) OVAL shelves in brass – £34.99 8.) AKSFRYTLE rug – £100.00 9.) JACK vase – £7.99 10.) LOLLAND rose curtains – £20.00 each


This dark and dramatic office mood board is a infusion of Daves living room and office. I love the oak and black against the Hague Blue. The Trappedal bookshelf comes in a couple of sizes and would be a great way to divide a room up.

1. MANDRUP plant pot – £12.50 2. GUNDERSEN hourglass – £3.99 3. ABBETVED desk oak/black – £60.00 4. VILLIN rug – £15.00 5. ABILDHOLT grey/home office chair – £60.00 6. TRAPPEDAL shelving oak/black – £65.00 7. ALSTEN Roller Blind in grey – £29.99  8. VALTER frame 50x70cm – £6.00



*Our KOKKEDAL dining chairs were complimentary thanks to the wonderful people at JYSK in return for coverage on my blog/ instagram. I again thank them this great experience and it goes without saying that opinions in this review are 100% my own (and seconded by Dave)! 

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