Bedroom Makeover: Glum to Glorious with a bit of green

A couple of weeks ago I decided to tackle the last of the spare rooms at Dave’s following the departure of our lovely lodger. The room is a good size and not in a bad condition at all but just needed a bit of curating and restyling. A simple job really you would think, no? So much so, Dave announced that he was going to do it! – Whilst not being known for his practical skills, I went with it and said that’s cool and with that we set off to B&Q to look at paint colour charts.

40 minutes into the trip and it’s fair to say there was a distinct merge of the lack of inspiration from Dave and the control freak in me! The one thing we did agree on however was GREEN! I was pushing for Farrow & Ball Bancha whilst Dave wanted a Valspar ‘Green Dragon’ – in his words ‘it’s like the green green grass of home and the Welsh Dragon merged into one colour name’. Ermmm interesting selection logic I thought but, knowing he was in favour of a green, and losing the will to live after spending almost an hour in the same spot, I selected some similar options and in the end we compromised on Valspar’s ‘Wind in the Willows’ from their Bookcase collection. I say compromise but its more Bancha than Green Dragon -small victories haha. With the colour eventually decided, it’s fair to say my patience was starting to wear thin at the ‘what do you think of…’ or ‘what about…’ and so as this project wasn’t moving at a nice pace it was decided I should take over (mainly by me haha).

REALLY NOT A LOT IN IT! Small Victories

I knew I wanted to move the room around and try to zone it a little more effectively so, paint purchased, we got home, boiled the kettle and I popped on Pinterest. We already had a white block of 4 cubes from Ikea which I thought would divide the space quite well paired with another set of four. Inspiration in mind I drew out a little room plan of inspiration for Dave to see my vision, before getting his buy in and sourcing the items.

Once he was home from London and I talked him though the plan I began my favourite tasks in a project – sourcing and shopping. We had already decide to work with things we had as there was nothing physically wrong with the bed or the bedside cabinets. The only additions of furniture was a vintage cane chair which I got from Facebook market place for £40 and the 8 cube storage unit from ikea (which was on family card offer – £45).

Jacks Life in a teacup valspar green bedroom makeover by Jack D March

So with the feature wall painted we headed to IKEA where we also picked up a picture ledge and a sheepskin throw for the chair. However the baskets for the cubes I ordered from B&Q as they were cheaper, as were the collection of frames from Asda Living. It’s all about shopping around, right? The other new bits such as the cushions and rugs were sourced from Asda, Matalan and Amazon.

Cushion, Rug and my watercolour prints

With everything we (I) needed ready and feature wall painted it was down to the details – the bit most of us like where it finally comes together! I started by masking up the cube baskets and adding some of the wall colour to them to tie in with the wall. Whilst they dried I put up the picture ledge and framed the prints, so the room was ready for fluffing!!! There is nothing better than a cup of tea and fluffing of a new room as you put everything in and watch it come together.

I’m a big fan of re-using things you already have so in here there are quite a bits from the weekday flat in London that have been sat in the cupboard for the last few months. However they worked with my inspiration and knew I could re-use them to save budget. These are the black and white cushions on the bed and the black ornaments that work well on the cubes. We did already have a rug from the flat, but that wasn’t big enough for the space, however this came in useful to cover the leatherette headboard of the bed.

In case you are feeling inspired by seeing he finished result here I have put together a shop the look below to pinpoint where I shopped each of the items But more importantly, as you know from my previous posts, I am a big fan of keeping to a budget and finding the best bargains for my home. Dave gave me a budget of £250 to redo this room and I came in at £242.99 so not my cheapest makeover. That said, this is a big room and ones that deserved a little bit of attention -I  think it was worth it right?



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  1. I love that mossy green and thank you for the different option – every time I love a paint it’s Farrow & Ball, but I don’t have F&B money!


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