Jack Baubles Breakdown 2019

Hey Hey! Or should that be Ho Ho? I have been busy getting ready for Christmas in both the houses as Dave feels its best I take charge of decorating for the festivities (ok i feel its best). So as you can imagine, this has meant lots of tea and even more Google! What it also means is that I have come across a hell of a lot of baubles and decorations, so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.

Jacks Bauble Break Down

I am a big fan of individual baubles and, if they are glass, even better! When it comes to the Christmas tree, I don’t have a theme, its MY tree MY way! I have collected many baubles over the years, including a large selection from my annual Liberty Christmas floor pilgrimage, to create an eclectic tree.

Asda Living/ George 

Asda (yes, Asda!) is one of my first visits when the decorations hit! They are one of the most reasonable places on the high street for glass baubles, and this year they don’t disappoint. I have already shopped a jelly fish and red van – now I NEED an astronaut!

Red Van – £3.00 (Click Here) | Jellyfish – £3.00 (Click Here) | Astronaut – £3.00 (Click Here)

Wings & Whiskers

Wings & Whiskers is a cute little independent that contacted me through instagram. Its run by the lovely Emma Priestley who sent me a selection of animal baubles – she even gave me a 15% off code for you all! So check out the site and use 15OFF (Click Here).

Skating Hare – €8.00  (Click Here) | Cheetah -€12.00  (Click Here) | Tiger – €12.00  (Click Here) | Whale – €12.00 (Click Here)


Now I am aware that these are more expensive than the average bauble, but these are a little treat to myself. Every year I visit Liberty and treat myself to a couple of baubles, they make me so happy with I am unwrapping them all the following year.

Ice Skate – £19.95 (Click Here) | Crown Crest Bauble – £9.95 (Click Here) | Bee – £16.95 (Click Here) |Toucan on The Clock – £12.95 (Click Here) | Crowned Lion – £8.95 (Click Here) | Multicoloured Star – £18.95 (Click Here)

Albert & Moo

Albert & Moo is another independent company with a fabulous selection of baubles. Lianne kindly sent me a couple of baubles to share with you, knowing I was a pug and frida lover.

Glitter Frida – £6.00 (Click Here) | Party Pug – £7.50 (Click Here) | Retro Camera (Click Here) |

La Redoute

La Redoute have some fabulous decorations for that cosy rustic Hygge Christmas vibe. I am loving paper decorations this year – although mine are a tad brighter.

Paper Baubles (pack of 6) – £12.00 (Click Here)  | Clear Snow Twigs (pack of 6) – £4.50 (Click Here) | Glass Bauble LARGE (pack of 2) – £11.20 (Click Here) or  SMALL (pack of 2) – £9.80 (Click Here) Numerous Colours Available.


I stumbled across a great selection of baubles in the newly renovated Fenwicks in York. Candy canes are very big in my Christmas plans this year, I found some very similar albiet smaller and plastic in Asda though for 50p (but they are not available online). However the swirly lolly needs to get in my basket haha.

Candy Cane – £8.00 (Click Here) | Swirly Lolly – £8.00 (Click Here) | Cotton Candy – £9.00 (Click Here) | Opal Feather – £7.00 (Click Here)


Like Liberty the Fortnums baubles are on the ‘quite pricey’ scale. For the last couple of years, rather than Liberty, Dave has gone all feral and headed off to Fortnums (I realised that is not a sentence that sits well – feral in Fortnum – how middle class). Their baubles are classics and don’t vary much year on year. He bought me the balloon last year and the teapot the year before, maybe the lobster for 2019? (Dave are you reading this?)  haha.

Hot Air Balloon – £20.00 (Click Here) | Tea Pot – £20.00 (Click Here) | Lobster – £20.00 (Click Here)


Like Asda the Sainsburys home range is one to watch! They often have some fab bits at great prices, which thankfully is the same for their Christmas offerings. They currently have 25% off decorations so make sure you wheel your trolley down the seasonal aisle on your weekly shop.

PRICES INCLUDED THE CURRENT 25% off Grandfather Clock – £2.62 (Click Here) | Gin Glass – £3.00 (Click Here) | Rainbow – £1.50 (Click Here) | Pineapple & Watermelon Set – £2.25 (Click Here)

John Lewis

John Lewis are one of the well known leaders for Christmas with their famous festive adverts. They are also one of the largest stockists of baubles –  I could lose a whole day in their festive department (if Dave let me!). I mean check out that roll top bauble…. remind you of anything?

Llama – £10.00 (Click Here) | Telephone Box – £5.00 (Click Here) | Rory Dobner Cat – £27.00 (Click Here) | Elephant – £8.00 (Click Here) | Parachute Soldier – £5.00 (Click Here) | Schnauzer Dog – £8.00 (Click Here) |Bubble Bath – £20.00 (Click Here) | Crown – £12.00 (Click Here)

So there you have it –  my little round up of what I have found (so far!). Sorry if you are a themed tree person as this may not help – or its might just make your theme quite expensive haha! When is your tree going up? I’d love to see your creations so make sure you tag me in insta – @jackdmarch




This post contains gifted items from Wings & Whiskers and Albert & Moo | Aff links are present for La Redoute | But opinions and taste is all mine!


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  1. Thanks so much – fab roundup and places I would never have thought of going!


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